1. Beautiful portraits of beautiful girls!

    Comment by Yvonne — May 26, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

  2. Hi Katie
    You are amazing photographer. where do you get the backgrounds? I love it!

    Comment by Nell — May 26, 2010 @ 7:21 pm

  3. Cous.. these pics are fabulous… what a beautiful family you have… lots of love!!!

    Comment by Carlos Barrantes — May 26, 2010 @ 11:59 pm

  4. wow, these are amazing. you are very talented!! can’t wait to see the rest.

    Comment by sueann — May 27, 2010 @ 3:23 am

  5. I enjoy your work so much! Every photo shows so much emotion and captures something so precious. Thanks for blogging and sharing so much…your beautiful images always bring a smile to my face.

    Comment by Kim — May 27, 2010 @ 4:04 am

  6. Beautiful mom and beautiful girls! Beautiful work!

    Comment by Michelle Monson — May 27, 2010 @ 4:19 am

  7. Thanks for everyone’s kind words!

    Comment by katie — May 27, 2010 @ 4:19 am

  8. Hi,
    I get them from all over but dropitmodern has great ones.

    Comment by katie — May 27, 2010 @ 4:19 am

  9. Oh my goodness!!! These girls are just too too cute!!! I love the pouty face!! It is just too much and SO the phase my daughter is in right now!!!! LOVE LOVE THESE!! and the outfits….perfect!!

    Comment by Cortnie Bigelow — May 27, 2010 @ 5:05 am

  10. Aww how cute!! Tell the girls, aunt Marier loved their pictures and she’s waiting for them in Nic to give them a BIG kiss!!! Beautiful work Sue!

    Comment by Marier — May 27, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

  11. Katie, can you tell me what size the MJ Cher dress is and how old this little girl is? I am in love with this dress and want to order it for my daughter’s birthday party in October and can’t decide which size to go with! =) Thanks!

    Comment by MLC — May 27, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

  12. Hi Katie- These photos are to-die-for! Your husband shot our wedding photos a few years ago and I have been following your blog ever since. Now we are getting ready to have some pictures for our 9 month old- I am dying to know where the mom (or you!) got these adorable outfits! Or if you have any other suggestions for photo props like the ruffle bum diaper covers or headpieces for non-newborn baby. Any info would be great. Thanks!

    Comment by Micci — June 1, 2010 @ 4:28 am

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